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Zabra's secret to successful staging with Live Light
Discover how renting furniture from Live Light enhanced Zabra's project in Kortrijk, Belgium



At Live Light, we’re all about transforming spaces with stunning, sustainable furniture that's hassle-free and budget-friendly! Our recent real estate project with Zabra showcases how renting furniture can revolutionise interior design. Continue reading to learn how we helped Zabra stage a stunning model home highlighting style and sustainability.


Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

"We like to integrate designer furniture into our interiors and are already a big fan of Ethnicraft. Live Light provides a wide selection of affordable rental furniture. This allows Zabra to integrate high-quality designer furniture into our interior styling without breaking budgets."

- Hanna Luypaert, Zabra

Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects
Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

Meet Zabra

Zabra is a family-owned project development company that’s making waves in the real estate industry. With a focus on modern, high-quality living spaces, Zabra integrates sustainability at every turn. They’re not just building properties; they’re creating future-ready environments. Whether it’s residential homes, retail spaces, or student housing, Zabra’s projects are all about quality, sustainability, and modern living. 

“Our long-term vision ensures quality at every stage of the process.  By challenging ourselves and our stakeholders every day, we guarantee the best possible results. We don't go for less.” – Hanna Luypaert, Zabra

Transforming a model home with furniture rentals

Hanna Luypaert, interior designer at Zabra, discovered Live Light while searching for eco-friendly furniture solutions. She reached out to Live Light to rent furniture to furnish their latest model home in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Zabra selected pieces that would enhance the home’s aesthetic and functionality, opting for the Osso counter stool, PI dining table, Bok bench, and Bok dining chair for the dining room and kitchen. In the living room, Zabra featured Ethnicraft designs like the elegant PI sideboard and Light frame floor mirror, while the bedrooms were beautifully furnished with the Air bed, Eye lounge chair, and more. Each piece added a touch of elegance and warmth, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects
Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

Interior of Zabra

"Renting through Live Light gave us the flexibility to adjust our interior styling on a project-by-project basis without investing in expensive furniture that we can't always use. Plus, it saves us storage space."

- Hanna Luypaert, Zabra

Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects
Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

Staging with sustainable furniture

By choosing to rent furniture from Live Light, Zabra not only cut down on waste but also showed how stylish, sustainable living can be achieved through smart design and great partnerships. Their dedication to sustainability fits perfectly with our mission at Live Light. The company was thrilled with how our furniture brought their space to life. “I like to work with a lot of wood in my designs … this creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly matches the natural look of Live Light’s oak rentable furniture.” - Hanna Luypaert, Interior Designer at Zabra

“Sustainable development has been the guiding principle in every Zabra project from the beginning. Our mission is clear … our impact contributes to the realisation of the European Green Deal,” Hanna from Zabra tells us. “[Rental furniture] fits perfectly with the principles of the circular economy by reducing waste and extending the life of products.” With a passion-driven approach and the heart of a family business, Zabra ensures every project benefits both the community and the environment. This collaboration really showcases the big impact of opting for sustainable solutions in real estate and interior design.

Zabra describes Live Light in 3 words

"Live Light comes highly recommended! We do the interior styling in-house, but it is very nice to choose from a wide range of designer furniture from Live Light. With rental furniture, you always have furniture available that is in perfect condition and trendy. The combination of affordable designer furniture with the ability to change when you get tired of a particular piece. This allows us to update and keep our interior styling fresh constantly."

- Hanna Luypaert, Zabra

Promoting circular economy through rental furniture

At Live Light, we're changing the game in interior design with our forward-thinking furniture rental model. We believe the future is rental, where sustainability meets style effortlessly. By opting for rental furniture over purchasing new items, Zabra not only reduced their carbon footprint but also embraced a more flexible and cost-effective approach to interior design.

For Zabra, renting furniture isn’t just a cost-effective choice; it’s also a sustainable one. “[Live Light’s] furniture is stylish, practical and affordable, and the service is top-notch. Renting offers numerous advantages, including flexibility, durability, and cost savings.”

Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects
Live Light | Rent furniture for real estate projects

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