48 months
Arti-Pop Gallery: an intimate space with welcoming furniture


Arti-Pop Gallery

Arti-Pop gallery is a creative space you can rent for expositions in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The unique space with its aesthetically pleasing décor is open for any artist or creative who wants to tell a story. Anne-Claire Martens, the leading lady behind the gallery, was looking for sturdy, sustainable furniture to perfect the gallery space and give it a warm environment at the same time. Enter Live Light's furniture rentals!


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Responsible furniture

 Anne-Claire is a multi-dimensional creative talent and always had a big love for art and craftsmanship. Around a year ago she created ‘For the Love of Art through which she aimed to encourage the survival of European craft by facilitating lovers of art and interior objects with carefully curated items for unique and storytelling interiors. Arti-Pop gallery is a beautiful extension of that goal.

Arti-Pop gallery is a smaller but very homey gallery. Visitors should feel welcome once they walk in and the furniture inside should reflect that. The furniture should also be able to ‘take a punch’ with the amount of wear and tear that occurs in a gallery. Already a fan and customer of Live Light, and only wanting to work with makers and brands that produce responsibly, Anne-Claire reached out to us. 

"As a start-up everything is uncertain, and the costs are no slouch either....
At home, we already use Live Light's service, so the choice was easy. With Live Light, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics, nor do you take unnecessary risks in the early stages of your business. A golden combo for my situation!"

- Anne-Claire Martens, founder Arti-Pop

An ambient gallery space

The gallery needed seating to be able to soak up the art but also a gathering spot to talk shop. With her background in interior design, Anne-Claire was looking for handmade furniture in wood with special attention to shape and colour, as she believes the appearance of furniture adds to the welcoming feeling of the Arti-Pop gallery. Naturally, Live Light's rental furniture possessed all of that!

"I want to make the threshold for art lovers as low as possible and for that you need a soft atmosphere. Visitors need to feel at ease. As if they are at home."

The Choices of Arti-Pop Gallery

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Live Light provides sustainable and flexible rental options for people seeking easy ways to decorate any space with timeless designs. 


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