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Benefits of renting office furniture with Live Light
Discover why renting office furniture with Live Light offers a smart, flexible way to enhance your workspace.

Why should you rent office furniture with Live Light?

Who says furnishing your office has to be a hassle? With Live Light, you can furnish your entire office for a low monthly cost without breaking your budget. Plus, our service provides flexible solutions that allow businesses to swap their furniture, upgrade or downsize with ease.  

From flexible office furniture to our white glove delivery service, discover how renting is the way to go, making your office the place to be.  

Live Light | Rent the Oscar desk for your office

Live Light | Rent office furniture for your workspace

The cost-saving appeal of leasing office furniture

Imagine that your office was filled with high-quality furniture that boosts productivity and adapts to your needs without breaking your bank. Sounds impossible, right? That’s the beauty of renting office furniture with Live Light! With a furniture subscription, you can enjoy a dream workspace with no upfront payments, just a low monthly fee.  

Renting furniture is a budget-friendly approach that helps you keep your capital free, allowing it to be invested back into your business. Plus, you don’t have to compromise on style or quality when you lease office furniture from Live Light.  


"The delivery and installation of the furniture went flawlessly. Since HOEK is a pilot project and still in its starting shoes, renting furniture limits the risk of buying all new furniture. Because of the flexibility that Live Light offers, I can easily respond to the feedback that users give me by adjusting the furniture set-up and the price per month will adjust automatically."

Renting office furniture tailored to your needs

The ability to adapt at any moment makes renting furniture a game-changer. Need more office desks for your new team members? Done. Have to downsize? We got you. Redesigning the spare room to a comfy lounge area? Easy. We adapt to fit your team while you only pay for what you use. With Live Light, you have the option to swap your interior anytime you want, cancel, or opt for a buyout with ease.  

Our flexible leasing terms, ranging from 1 to 48 months, provide businesses with the ability to adapt to changes without the logistical and financial burdens of owning furniture.  

Live Light | Rent office furniture for your lounge area in your office

Our favourite office furniture available for rent

Live Light | Rent office furniture

Sustainability through renting furniture

Did you know that, according to the European Environmental Bureau, more than 10 million tons of furniture and furnishings are thrown out? Only a small percentage is recycled due to the diversity of materials in most items.  

As part of the Ethnicraft group, we’re dedicated to minimizing environmental impact through our commitment to circular design. Our in-house repair atelier ensures that every piece receives expert refurbishment, extending its lifespan and reducing waste. By renting furniture with Live Light, you're not just getting top-quality designs for your projects, it's an opportunity to contribute to a movement valuing reuse and maximizing the lifespan of each piece. 

Live Light provides sustainable and flexible rental options for people seeking easy ways to decorate any space with timeless designs. 



Live Light's hassle-free service

A bonus to renting furniture is the service that’s connected to it. Think of how long it takes the average person to set up a desk, now imagine trying to set up more than 10 desks, office chairs and meeting tables while also trying to complete your own work.  

However, when you rent furniture, all the logistical concerns you usually have with new furniture disappear. Most furniture rental companies offer delivery services, where they do the hard work so all you have to do is sit back and relax. At Live Light, we aim to give you the best possible experience through our white glove delivery service. ⁠Our team will unload, assemble, and place your furniture for you on the day of delivery. We'll ensure everything is cleaned up before we leave, we'll even take the packaging with us.⁠ 


Live Light | Rent office furniture

Live Light | Rent the Jack Lounge Chair for your office lounge

"I had a very tight schedule for the move to the new office, and because of our short-term lease term, Live Light came in handy. No big budgets were spent, and the whole office was furnished and decorated in just one week. I also like that I can easily and almost cost-free change the entire interior when my creative brain needs an injection of inspiration!"

Live Light | Rent the N701 sofa for your office lounge

Office furniture that speaks volumes

Did you know that office furniture can say a lot about a company? With the right design options, your workspace not only promotes a positive work environment but can also align with corporate social responsibility goals and make a strong statement about your brand's values.  

Choosing furniture from local makers or eco-friendly materials shows you care about supporting local businesses and the environment. An open office space encourages teamwork and keeps things flexible, great for creative companies. Plus, using adjustable or subscription-based furniture fits well with changing and growing workplaces, perfect for start-ups or expanding businesses. With rental furniture, you can curate a workspace that resonates with your brand, sparking collaboration and boosting productivity. 


Flexible office furniture available for rent

Discover the new way of furnishing your workspace

Choosing Live Light means opting for an operational lease, keeping your working capital free to focus on what truly matters: your core business. Our adaptability ensures you pay only for what you use, providing the freedom to scale up or down as needed. Whether it's furnishing on-site offices or setting up comfortable home offices for your team, we've got everything from meeting tables to desks and storage solutions. 

Looking for a furniture solution that grows with your team and fits your dynamic needs? Live Light is your go-to for a hassle-free and sustainable office setup. Say goodbye to the struggles of furnishing your workspace and hello to a world of flexibility and design with Live Light. 


Live Light | Rent the Bok adjustable desk for your office

Live Light | Collaborate in your dream office by renting office furniture

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