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Home tour: Dominique Lahou

Home tour with Dominique Lahou

Recently, Live Light had the honour of meeting Dominique Lahou, a mom of many talents, at her renovated town house in the heart of Antwerp. Initially specialised in goldsmithing, she’s moved from the diamond sector to a serene life working for a midwifery practice and focusing on her family. 

Read more to learn about Dominique Lahou, her family and her interest in interior design and sustainability. 

Meet Dominique

Upon arrival at her home, we were welcomed by Dominique and her family. They exuded a sense of warmth that was felt throughout their beautiful townhouse in Antwerp. A mother of 4, Dominique began working for ‘Marieke van Noord baby’, a midwifery practice with a small shop and webshop, to be able to take a better grasp on her work-life balance.

As she talks about her current situation, it’s clear that she’s happy - “After Renée was born, I wanted a quiet, yet exciting job that was easier to combine with running a household of 6”, mentions Dominique. 

Her favourite and most satisfying part of being a mom? Watching them interact, laugh, and grow old together.

"I think I’ve always had some interest in interior design and styling. My room used to go through all sorts of colours and furniture. I find I can look at beautifully styled pictures for hours and not get bored."

Old townhouse in Antwerp

Originally from a small and picturesque town, Dominique explains she found that Antwerp could offer so much more. From the melting pot of cultures to great restaurants, beautiful shops and charming parks, Dominique and her family are within cycling distance for every new adventure.  

“We only have one car, but it’s rarely used”, Dominique states. “My largest kids are independent and can easily visit their friends, attend school, and enjoy hobbies. Renée and Marie are still brought everywhere, but that can easily be combined with the cargo bike. After all, Antwerp is just a big village!” 

As Dominique shows us around her beautifully decorated townhouse, we’re in awe of how clean yet homey it feels. Dominique’s solution to a tidy home is simple: sufficient storage. Although it can be hard to always keep such a large home clean, she finds that a simple routine, some structure and adequate storage are all she needs to keep her home presentable. 

 "I love seeing how they grow up and talk with each other. Although they each have their personalities, hobbies, and other interests – their laughter together is contagious. They end up together on the couch for a movie, at the table for a board game, or even in bed together after a nightmare – it’s beautiful to see. They’re there for each other for both the good and the bad times."

Creating a unique mix of styles

Dominique’s passion for interior began when she was young and has grown. From constantly changing her room as a kid to buying her first house with her husband, she’s always loved pulling inspiration and creating her dream interior. Through Pinterest boards, interior design magazines and her taste, Dominique made a warm and inviting home.  

Each floor has a unique mix of Modern, Romantic and Scandinavian influences. The rooms perfectly combine muted and neutral colours, soft fabrics and abundant plants and flowers, keeping her home fresh. Throughout her house, you’ll find pops of colour here and there, artworks or even a princess dress and butterfly wings – making It the perfect home for Dominique and her family. 

"I love being busy with interior design, constantly changing and moving things around regularly. Creating spaces with a mix of sustainable and older furniture makes an interior look unique and more interesting."

Sustainable and flexible

With their ever-changing lifestyle, Dominique found that her interior was constantly changing. Her house continually shifts and adjusts with her children getting older and their old furniture insufficient. Live Light’s flexibility made our service the perfect solution for Dominique. Plus, our durable and high-quality furniture can easily handle the wear and tear of growing children.  

You’ll find a mix of our furniture throughout her home sprinkled in each room. From our N701 1-seater and footstool to our Barrow pouffes, Bok dining chairs and Spindle bench, each item perfectly complements her homey interior. Dominique states that our abundant furniture selection made her choose Live Light. “The large selection of quality yet beautifully designed furniture – it fits perfectly in our historic townhouse! I’m a fan of everything, but my favourite has to be the Spindle bench. It looks so beautiful in our hall and is super practical!” – Dominique Lahou 


"Our lives are constantly changing; our children are getting bigger … play corners are becoming desks for studying. Changes happen quickly in our house, so renting durable, high-quality furniture is a perfect solution!"

Dominique's Furniture Selection

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