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Representing business values with office furniture

Incorporating your business values into your office environment

An office can say a lot about a company. As it can physically represent your business, the overall design and layout can significantly influence your employees’ creativity and productivity. Each design choice, whether the colour scheme, furniture or accessories, can have a lasting impression on every employee and even possible clients. When designing your company’s workspace, keeping your company culture and overall business values in mind is essential. Find out how your chosen office furniture can say a lot about your company’s values below! 

Live Light | Employees interacting in an office space with the Bok Adjustable Desk, Oak Osso Counter Stool and Studio Rack

Your furniture choices matter

Incorporating your business values into your office furniture can help create a workspace aligned with your company’s brand. For example, buying office furniture from local artisans or manufacturers is a good idea if your company supports local businesses. If your company promotes sustainability, it can be beneficial to demonstrate your commitment by using sustainable furniture in the workplace. While deciding the type of desk your employees use might not seem like a huge deal, it can significantly impact future interactions. A traditional cubicle strives for privacy and individual work, whereas an open floorplan strives for collaboration and casual conversation. As both have their benefits, it’s crucial to determine what design choices best align with your company’s goals and values.   

See how Live Light worked with Plein Publiek to design a circular co-workspace in the south of Antwerp. 


Increase teamwork and collaboration

If one of your core company’s values is collaboration, ensuring that your workspace thrives on communication and teamwork is vital. Not only do you need to have the right system and tools, but you also have to have suitable furniture. With a traditional office space that uses cubicles, it can be hard to have a collaborative environment. Creating a more comfortable and relaxed space using an open layout can be vital to increase brainstorming. An open plan office is recommended for non-traditional companies that value flexibility, collaboration and teamwork.

Replacing boring cubicles with open space and organised work areas makes it much easier for employees to communicate, collaborate and bond with each other. Using comfortable, cosy lounges or breakrooms can also provide your employees a place to collaborate and casually brainstorm topics. One popular choice for non-traditional companies is to provide standing desks or high co-work tables for extra health benefits for their employees while boosting collaboration, productivity and creativity.

Live Light offers a wide variety of desks and meeting tables that are the perfect solution for an open layout! Our high-quality designs are ergonomic, functional and timeless, providing each team member with enough space to work comfortably. 


Live Light | Work space designed with the oak Oscar Desk and Rise Rack
Live Light | Office lounge designed with the N701 sofa, footstool and side table with Tripod coffee table and Profile High meeting table

Boost creativity and productivity

Office furniture can help promote creativity and productivity in a business by providing a comfortable, inspiring, and functional workspace. Like businesses that value teamwork, creativity thrives in firms with a flexible and open environment. Furniture designed to encourage collaboration, such as communal tables, casual meeting areas and open workspaces, can help foster creativity and innovation through brainstorming and idea-sharing. Office spaces can be easily transformed by replacing outdated, bland furniture with fun, comfortable, modern designs.

Decorating the office to be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing can help employees be more engaged and provide a stimulating environment that allows your employees to think outside the box. A well-designed office can create a positive impression on clients and visitors that help reinforce your business values by creating a cohesive and professional image. Allowing employees to personalise their workspace can also increase job satisfaction, promote individuality, increase morale and create a comfortable environment that thrives on innovation and creativity.  

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Functional and flexible workspace

Companies prioritising flexibility are typically considered non-traditional as they aren’t as strict and rely on trust and commitment. With a flexible working environment, everything is constantly changing – whether employee hours, tasks or the workspace, there is always some movement. Due to this, it is important to ensure that your office décor matches your company culture and that it should also be functional. 

Designing an office with ergonomics and flexibility in mind help represent a company that values well-being, productivity and adaptability. This could be anything from adjustable chairs and desks to modular storage. 

One popular option for flexible companies is subscription furniture. With subscription furniture, companies can easily add or remove furniture as needed. This can be especially beneficial for start-ups or growing companies needing to quickly expand or downsize their workforce. Typically, subscription furniture is designed with circularity in mind which is beneficial to companies that promote sustainability in the workplace.

To learn more about how Live Light values flexibility, read about our recent collaboration with HOEK Co-working to design a 'work cafe'.


Live Light | Work space styled with the oak Torsion dining table, DC dining chair and the N701 sofa
Live Light | Employees working together in a business meeting room designed with the Mikado meeting table and DC dining chairs

Promoting sustainable practices

Sustainability has become one of the most popular company values in recent years. Not only have they begun adopting sustainable and circular practices to reduce their environmental impact, but they are also trying to find ways to incorporate their values in every task. Companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and social consciousness by using sustainable and eco-friendly furniture in the workplace. By switching to sustainable furniture, companies can reduce their ecological impact, demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and promote social responsibility. Typically, furniture prioritising sustainable and circular practices is sourced responsibly, produced with the future in mind and made from natural materials free from harmful chemicals.  

A popular method companies use to promote sustainability in their business practices is working with other companies with the same values. For example, renting office furniture often allows companies to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality or style. Using subscription furniture in the workplace benefits most companies by offering flexibility, cost savings, sustainability, hassle-free maintenance, and on-trend designs. As a subscription furniture provider, Live Light operates on a circular business model that prioritises resource efficiency and waste reduction. Not only do we help reduce the environmental impact of furniture, but we also provide a cost-effective solution for companies that want to maintain a high-quality, timeless and stylish workspace. By working with companies that align with your goals, companies can help promote a more sustainable future while benefiting from it. 

To learn more about designing your office space with Live Light, visit the link below!

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