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Furry Friends in the Workplace

Furry Friends in the Workplace

Introducing four-legged friends has become the newest trend in workplaces across the world.

After spending lockdowns working from home, many found it challenging to return to the office. The solution? Furry friends in the workplace.

While some believe that office dogs can provide a distraction or make them less productive, recent studies show that creating a dog-friendly workplace can benefit companies and their employees. A study conducted in 2019 shows that employees who bring their dog to the office are more dedicated (16.5%) and can help increase work engagement by 14.4%. When considering if your office should welcome four-legged friends, it’s crucial to think about the overall benefits and potential disadvantages or liabilities that may arise. 

Many companies worldwide are slowly making the leap and becoming a pet-friendly office. While dog-oriented companies like Purina or Butternut Box have always allowed pets, a lot of other non-animal fields are joining the club. Although only some companies in Belgium have followed suit, non-traditional companies like Dripl, a Live Light member, are becoming dog-friendly due to increased studies and popularity.


Live Light | Woman at her office desk petting the company dog
Live Light | Woman with a dog on her lap as she shares her screen with coworkers while at her office

Engaging Atmosphere

For many, furry friends in the office can bring joy and happiness to the workplace, improving employee morale and creating a more relaxed atmosphere. Office dogs can encourage employee interactions, develop stronger bonds, help stimulate creative processes and provide new perspectives, resulting in a more collaborative work environment.

Health Benefits

 One of the most significant benefits that four-legged friends can provide is the abundance of health benefits. Dogs are known for their calming effect on people, and many studies have shown that petting a dog can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Allowing dogs in the office could lead to a more relaxed and comfortable work environment, which leads to higher job satisfaction and productivity. Furry friends can also be an easy source of entertainment, breaking up workday monotony and making a massive difference in the office mood – say goodbye to office blues!

Office dogs help promote mental health and well-being among employees, and interacting with dogs can improve cardiovascular health and reduce blood pressure. As dogs require exercise, office dogs help promote physical activity among employees. With office jobs, employees tend to sit for hours without minimal movement. Taking the office dog on a short walk improves overall health and well-being, reduces stress levels, and helps boost productivity.

Live Light | Woman and dog enjoying Ethnicrafts famous Oak Bok Dining Chair with Cognac Leather
Live Light | Woman holding dog in her office space

Better Company Image

Providing an office dog can help create a positive company image and reputation. Having a dog around can help show the outside world that your company is flexible and modern. This fun and unique benefit can help set a company apart from others in the industry, which can boost employee satisfaction, attract talent, and provide a positive work environment. It can be a cost-effective way to recruit and provide employees with additional benefits as it does not require a significant investment or ongoing expenses. Many might find it a dream come true! 

Improved Work-Life Balance

An office dog can help owners balance their personal and professional lives. For many dog owners, their pets are an essential source of companionship and emotional support. Bringing their dogs to work can help them feel less lonely, allow them to spend more time with their pets, and reduce the stress and distractions of worrying about their dogs at home.


Live Light | Woman smiling during a meeting at work with coworkers and dog
Live Light | Dog leaning on Ethnicrafts beautiful and timeless Oak Bok Black Dining Chair with Grey Upholstery

Good to Know 

While an office dog can be a cost-effective way to provide additional benefits, it’s vital to prepare accordingly and be wary of potential downsides. By establishing clear rules, procedures and guidelines, companies can ensure all employees’ safety and implement a dog-friendly office smoothly.

Not everyone likes dogs, and that’s okay! It’s best to create designated no-dog areas providing safe places for your employees. Designated dog areas can also reduce distractions and help create a more organised and controlled environment. 

Pet-friendly Décor

Another crucial aspect of having a dog-friendly office is the furniture. By decorating your office with premium high-quality furniture made of durable materials, you can minimise damage and keep the office clean. Using furniture made from premium materials like solid wood, such as our Bok Cowork Desk, Oscar Desk or Mikado Meeting Table, are great options to keep your two and four-legged co-workers happy! 

Don’t worry – our furniture and service are dog-approved! Live Light offers a wide range of furniture and accessories that can withstand dog fur, and our refurbishing process helps restore items to their original glory. Live Light understands that life happens, and wear and tear is bound to happen. Our team in the workshop can handle a little scratch here and there, but extensive chew marks, ripped or large upholstery damage, deep stains, and chipped wood is where it becomes a little tricky and can result in a replacement or repair fee. To give each product the love it deserves, we hope that each two or four-legged user treats their Live Light furniture and accessories as their own. Whether or not you have a pet-friendly office, our furniture and accessories are made to last.


Live Light | Dog enjoying our pet-friendly furniture the Rosewood Jack Lounge Chair in Black Leather designed by Ethnicraft
Live Light | Dog enjyoing Dripls new meeting room styled by Live Light featuring Ethnicrafts N701 3 seater sofa and footstool in Old Saddle Leather

Live Light x Dripl

Although this upcoming trend has been more popular in the United States and the UK, some Benelux companies have begun making the switch. One company that has made a splash is Dripl, a Belgian company that is reinventing the soft drink industry. Dripl, like Live Light, aims to reduce waste and help make the world more sustainable.

By creating the first healthy drink machine that is good for our body and planet, Dripl is known for their sustainable efforts. Which is why it was an honour to help style their new lounge area! As a modern and non-traditional company, Dripl hoped to find a way to create a fun meeting area that helped promote creativity and collaboration. Our N701 3-seater sofa and footstool were a hit – for the employees and their four-legged friends! 

‘We were looking for a cosy sofa to host every Monday morning meeting in.

Besides, we are not a fan of sitting at your desk for eight hours.

This way, the team can also work quietly on the sofa for a while. '  – DRIPL 



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