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Our office: Where collaboration and drive unite


Live Light Office

Step inside our office and witness the heart of Live Light. Our soothing atmosphere powers our creativity and productivity, creating a collaborative way of working. The circular furniture we offer thrive here in our cosy lounge area, two collaborative meeting rooms and our open workspace. Discover our office! 



"When designing our office space, we wanted the space to represent the brand and foster collaboration. More importantly, a space that our team sincerely loved coming to in the morning.’’
- Prisca, founder.

Office feels like home

When walking into the Live Light office you’ll notice it has a very homey vibe to it. The linen curtains, the lounge area, the decorations and of course; the furniture selection, all contribute to make it feel less like an office. It allows our team to work in a relaxed state and enjoy the space they work in. And that was totally the intention.

Designed with purpose, the office has an open floor plan with desk islands, a cosy lounge corner, a simple made-to-measure kitchen and two separate meeting rooms. We offer all the furniture you see in our office, which came from our own stock of refurbished furniture.

"Our office feels like home. It has a beautiful setting with a nice and calm atmosphere, so I love coming here, and I think the surroundings help me like my job even more. Being able to work in a workspace that feels homey can already put people in a better mood!“ 

- Alisson Putz, Operations Manager

Team Live Light's favourite products

Practical, designated spaces

For every moment or task there is a designated space. Formal meetings can be held in the meeting room, short ones we can host in our lounge area – which also is the place to be for coffee breaks. Every employee has their own Oscar desk connecting to an island of desks to promote collaboration.

In every corner of our office, you notice flexibility. No cramped rooms, cubicles, or storage walls but a space that provides freedom to move around and work in any way you feel like at that moment. Our team often switches seating, from their desk chairs to the flexible Osso stools or from one of the Bok chairs in a meeting room to our Barrow poufs in the lounge for a tiny time-out. We care about collaborating and desired a flexible space that reflects that.

"I feel like our pleasant work environment contributes to better teamwork."

- Alexia Thierie, B2B Sales Manager

A place to grow

At Live Light we want people to thrive. We are an impact start-up with the desire to grow as a business, but also individually. That’s why employees are encouraged in their evolution and in their interests. We love seeing people develop skills or passions they are interested in and love the fact that they pursue them right here. 
Our multifunctional workspace also has some extra desks for interns or future colleagues as we know the team will expand.  

"We wouldn’t be surprised if our office configuration changes in the next 6 months! It’s a space that will need to adjust as the team or our working methods evolve."

- Prisca, founder

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