Min. 48 months
DSTRCT Amsterdam: Project Nieuwe Achtergracht


DSTRCT Amsterdam

Live Light collaborated with DSTRCT to partially stage various luxurious homes throughout the heart of Amsterdam. To create a balance between comfort and luxury, each item was carefully curated to give the apartments an organic look that helped bring out the apartments' best qualities.

DSTRCT homes offer timeless homes that embody quality and history while highlighting the essence of Amsterdam. From the iconic canals to the beautifully unique cafes, history-filled architecture, and stunning landscape, DSTRCT homes are a personal statement.


The spacious apartment is ideal for entertaining throughout the year, with natural light and earthy tones, creating a warm and inviting ambience.

Project Nieuwe Achtergracht

Originally built as a diamond polishing factory, recent renovations have made it a unique space. As a ground-floor canal home, it has everything from many bedrooms to a beautiful urban garden, bespoke planter, and soaring ceilings. In a prime location spot, this unique home is in the lively centre of Amsterdam, near Weesper and Plantage.

This charming location provides a quiet and soothing space for all visitors. This unique home has had extensive renovations, creating a home that exemplifies artisanry in every room. As the home has been recently renovated, it accentuates comfort, stature, and authenticity due to its round arches, towering ceilings, and spacious living areas.

Discover the interior of Nieuwe Achtergracht

In addition to the 3.57m soaring ceilings, the six beautifully placed arched windows help shower natural light to the living room and kitchen, creating a welcoming atmosphere. In the middle of the house, a beautifully designed large skylight directly shines sunlight onto a bespoke planter. 

DSTRCT created a beautiful yet functional home by renting furniture with Live Light. Curated based on the architecture, our furniture selection from Live Light helped enhance the natural beauty and create a seamless and elevated ambience.

From our Osso counter stools in the kitchen and our Geometric side table in the bedroom to our famous N701 sofas and Mosaic sideboard in the living room, our attention to detail creates a cohesive living space that helps capture the entire essence of the home. 


Live Light provides sustainable and flexible rental options for people seeking easy ways to decorate any space with timeless designs. 


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