48 months
Belgian Festival: Transforming backstage areas


Belgian Festival

Recently, Live Light partnered with a major Belgian music festival to transform various backstage areas. The project's goal was to help create a warm and inviting environment for both the artists and VIP guests, creating an oasis that matched the festival's aesthetics.

At the heart of our project was the desire to impress and delight the artists. The backstage had to be a place where they felt comfortable so they could perform their best and recharge for their performances.  

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One of the project's main priorities was to keep sustainability and circularity at its forefront. Committed to environmentally friendly practices, the organisers were looking for furniture to reflect their sustainability.

Thus, natural materials and a focus on circularity were essential when deciding how to decorate their spaces. 

As a local supplier in Belgium, we were ideally positioned to bring this project to life. Reducing the environmental footprint was a major focus for us and the festival.

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This one-of-a-kind project involved furnishing both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our interior design services played a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere for each backstage area. This is where memories were made, and we were determined to make those memories unforgettable. 

The timeline for this project began with a space plan and some suggestions from our interior designer. Our monthly rental options offered the organizers the flexibility they needed to meet their needs.

During the process, the project grew, and the festival organizers added more and more spaces to be furnished. The project was a collaboration full of creativity and dedication, where sustainability and passion came together to create a unique backstage experience.  
When we think of sustainable choices for festivals, images of bamboo straws, recyclable plates and eco-friendly cups often come to mind. But what about furniture? Usually, that's not at the top of the list. That's where Live Light makes a difference. We believe sustainability should be integrated into all aspects of events, including furniture.

By using our circular concept, festivals take a big step toward more sustainable events. What makes our furniture so special? Once the furniture and decorations are returned to us, each item is individually inspected and refurbished to the highest degree.

Our circular concept means that consumers can reuse our furniture again and again, which is good news for the environment and helps prevent furniture from ending up in landfills unnecessarily. 

Live Light provides sustainable and flexible rental options for people seeking easy ways to decorate any space with timeless designs. 


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