48 months
3 reasons Ramón Coworking chose our office furniture

Ramón Coworking space designed with Live Light's Bok Coworking desk

Ramón Coworking space designed with Live Light office furniture



Along a green city garden near the Dageraadplaats in Antwerp, you will find Ramón Coworking. A quiet, sustainable workplace in the middle of a vibrant neighbourhood that is allowed to develop over time. The office space develops with, by and for the users and is furnished with high-quality rental designs from the Live Light office furniture range.

Ramón is a coworking space with a communal garden, a studio and a garage made possible by RAI22, a young property developer who believes in honouring what is already there, reclaiming materials and sharing space.


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"The Live Light formula made it possible to start our business, with solid and sturdy furniture, but without the high investment. We are super satisfied with the furniture, both with the quality and the aesthetics."
- Matthias Neutjens, Ramón

3 Reasons Ramón chose Live Light

The flexible formula allows furniture swaps.


The quality & sturdiness of the furniture.


The furniture can be paid off over time.

Designing an enduring office

As property developers, RAI22 felt it was important to make the property sustainable, use existing materials and preserve the soul of the building. They attach great importance to (re)using materials.

That's why they always choose durable materials and furniture that does not depreciate quickly. This is as much about quality as it is about timeless beauty. In addition to Live Light's rented office furniture, they chose vintage design pieces, because this furniture too can be given a new life when it can no longer serve Ramón.

Ramón Coworking space designed with Live Light furniture

Ramón Coworking space designed with Live Light office furniture

"As we grow (or shrink) the furniture can adapt to our new situation, the furniture is not lost, indeed it gets a new life with a new user." 
- Matthias Neutjens, Ramón

The Choices of Ramón 

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