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Public Space Restaurant, Amsterdam

Public Space restaurant, Amsterdam

Public Space is an inviting restaurant slash 'social space' located in the vibrant
and upcoming neighborhood of Amsterdam North.
Before their recent re-opening, Public Space was more of a coffee bar and cafe.
Now they've turned it into an all-day multifunctional space, fully furnished with Live Light.

"We want our place to be playful, but we also want it to radiate very high quality.
A place for everyone and for us, in a comfortable atmosphere
where we can hang out with our friends."

David Gillies, Co-founder Public Space

Live Light | Public Space project Restaurant

Hospitality turned sustainable

The circular nature of Live Light matched the values of Public Space. As a restaurant, they try to find ways to improve the space, so when customers enter, they experience a 'wow' moment.

In a restaurant, lots of people come in and out, therefore furniture experiences a lot of wear and tear. The old pattern was to throw out damaged furniture and buy something new. But then they discovered Live Light, thus saving furniture from landfills.

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From start to finish

"I think we are living in a world right now where we start to think about consumption and try to find more sustainable ways forward", says David Gillies, one of the co-founders of Public Space.

From start to finish, Public Space went through the renovating process together with Live Light. They communicated their needs and had them designed by our interior designer Nathalie. We were able to finish this project in two and a half weeks.

"Sustainability became part of our goals now, we still want nice things in our space, but we want to do it the right way", David Gillies says. And thanks to Live Light, they can!

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Live Light | Public Space project Restaurant

"Another thing I like about Live Light is really the hassle-free nature of it all.
Live Light takes it off our hands, and we can just sit back
and watch our space be transformed without any effort at all."

David Gillies, Co-founder Public Space

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